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Fundación retoño

Families, Farmers, Fields & the Future

Non for Profit Foundation "Retoño" was created in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria as an opportunity to support, encourage and reward Puerto Rico's diverse multi-cultural community of organic and bio-dynamic growers.  

Through their commitment and perseverance we continue to work together towards a sustainable and healthy Island.  

Making a Difference.....

We envision an ever growing community of volunteers and donations to help cultivate our local food circular economy.

Utilizing a network of passionate and talented educators and growers to bring more sustainable foods and partnerships back to our communities around the Island.


A world class wine project from Washington State that was harvested from one of the premier hillsides in Columbia Valley arrives in Puerto Rico from the powerful and elegant vintage of 2015. Aged 20 months in French Oak with ripe cherry and a licorice scented bouquet.  This structured wine finishes velvety and is elegantly balanced with a fruit driven palate.  This amazing wine project is over a year in the making and embodies the spirit of sharing....sharing time, sharing laughter, sharing passion, and sharing the table...  


Proceeds from the sale of the wine will fund and build our first of many greenhouses for deserving farmers and families that have suffered from the emotional, physical and financial setbacks we face as a community of cultivators & harvesters. 


Your continued support will open and create new pathways to serve these families, farmers, fields as they invest in our future. 


Regocijo can be purchased at Marmalade Restaurant and Wine Bar.  Each bottle of this limited release is numbered and hand signed and will continue to age well for years to come.  


$129 per bottle



Be an active participant in the rebirth of our agricultural evolution.

100% of your monetary donation to Fundación retoñwill be used to support, restore and help heal families in need of relief in their pursuit of shouldering the responsibility of our communal health.


Your consideration of time or money is an essential resource in reclaiming the future for PUerto Rico's organic farming community.

Thank you for making a difference...     ...Donate today

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